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Paeonia wittmanniana

Paeonia wittmanniana (Wittmanniana Peony)

is a fully hardy perennial herbaceous plant with pink and yellow flowers in early Summer and late Spring. It requires medium levels of water. The flowers are bowl shaped. It looks best in Spring and Summer.


Paeonia wittmanniana grows in soils ranging from a pH of 5 (extremely acidic ranges from 0 to 5.1) to 8 (slightly alkaline ranges from 7.6 to 8). It is adapted to chalk, clay, clay loam, loam, loamy sand, peat, sandy clay, sandy clay loam and sandy loam soils, and prefers medium fertility.


This is a rounded plant has an ultimate height of 1m / 3.3ft and spread of 1m / 3.3ft. It can take 4-5 years to reach its ultimate height.


The leaves are green in Spring and Summer. They are lobed in shape.


The plant prefers a sheltered situation.


City courtyard garden, cottage informal garden, flower arranging, flower border and bed and low maintenance.


Propagation techniques include division.

-28°C / -18.4F 5 to 8 4-5 years 1m / 3.3ft 1m / 3.3ft
Scientific classifications [Edit]
Genus ? Paeonia
Specific epithet ? wittmanniana
Common names
Wittmanniana Peony (Ireland)
IPNI details on Paeonia wittmanniana
References [edit] ?

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  • When planting a border for the first time to create a display, always place the taller plants at the back and plant in odd numbered groups e.g. groups of 3 or 5 etc. If it's not 100% herbaceous, try to distribute some evergreen plants in the border so you are not left with big gaps in Winter.
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