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Threeleaf shrubverbena

The Threeleaf shrubverbena (Lantana trifolia)

is a perennial grass/shrub/subshrub/herb.
Scientific classifications [Edit]
Genus ? Lantana
Specific epithet ? trifolia
Common names
Threeleaf shrubverbena (United States)
IPNI details on Lantana trifolia
References [edit] ?

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  • Common names can be easy to remember but confusing when talking about plants on a wordlwide basis. For example, the common name 'Bluebell' is used to describe plants in the Campanula genus. It is also used for plants in the genera Penstemon (North America), Hyacinthoides (Europe), Endymion (Asia), Polemonium, Mertensia and Wahlenbergia (Australia). That is why it is much safer to use the scientific name (if you can remember it!).
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