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Tall elephantsfoot

The Tall elephantsfoot (Elephantopus elatus)

is a perennial forb.
Scientific classifications [Edit]
Genus ? Elephantopus
Specific epithet ? elatus
Common names
Tall elephantsfoot (United States)
IPNI details on Elephantopus elatus
References [edit] ?

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Elephantopus elatus http://plantdatabase.co.uk/Elephantopus_elatus
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  • The young plants of Pseudopanax crassifolius and Pseudopanax ferox from New Zealand grow spiny leaves to deter what is now an extinct giant flightless bird called a Moa from eating them. Once these small trees grow above about 8 feet tall the leaves change shape and texture to flattened spinless softer leaves. When mature it branches out to form a canopy.
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