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The Sneezebush (Buddleja glomerata)

is a medium sized frost hardy perennial evergreen tree/shrub with yellow flowers in late Spring. It grows well in direct sun, and prefers medium levels of water. The flowers are arranged in a panicle inflorescence. It has average drought tolerance. It looks best in Spring.


Buddleja glomerata grows in soils ranging from a pH of 6 (acidic ranges from 5.6 to 6) to 8 (slightly alkaline ranges from 7.6 to 8). It is adapted to chalk, clay loam, loam, loamy sand, sandy clay loam and sandy loam soils.


This is a arching tree/shrub has a fast rate of growth has an ultimate height of 3.5m / 11.5ft and spread of 2.5m / 8.2ft. It can take 4-5 years to reach its ultimate height.


It has green leaves. The leaf has a lobate margin.


The plant prefers a sheltered situation.


A mild pleasant scent is emitted from the flower.


Attracting adult butterflies, attractive foliage, drought resistant, flowering shrub, fragrance and wall side.


Propagation techniques include cuttings and seed.


South Africa (Karoo: N., W. and E. Cape).

-7°C / 19.4F 6 to 8 4-5 years 3.5m / 11.5ft 2.5m / 8.2ft
Scientific classifications [Edit]
Genus ? Buddleja
Specific epithet ? glomerata
Common names
Sneezebush (South Africa), Karoo sagewood (South Africa)
IPNI details on Buddleja glomerata
References [edit] ?

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