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    Plumbago europaea
    © Byevanger (United Kingdom)
    Shape Stellate - star-shaped
    Width 0.1m / 3.9in
    Length 0.4m / 1.1ft

    User comment (Byevanger)

    Found growing on a slope in full sun and in a drainage ditch in a more shaded habitat. The sunny slope plant was less vigorous and only about 300mm high but in full flower as can be seen from this photo. The plants on the margin of the drainage ditch were at least 600-700mm high, much branches and had (with the exception of one or two florets), finished flowering. Seed collected germinated readily at a rate of 50% of 6 seeds planted after cold stratification at 3 to 4 degrees for 14 days. Without cold stratification it just did not germinate.

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    Added 19th January 2012
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