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Carex comans 'Bronco'

Carex comans 'Bronco' (New Zealand Hair Sedge 'Bronco', Sedge 'Bronco')

is a fully hardy perennial evergreen grass. It grows well in direct sun, and prefers medium levels of water. It has average drought tolerance and low flood tolerance. This grass has all year round interest.


Carex comans 'Bronco' grows in soils ranging from a pH of 5 (extremely acidic ranges from 0 to 5.1) to 8 (slightly alkaline ranges from 7.6 to 8). It is adapted to clay loam, loam, loamy sand, sandy clay, sandy clay loam, sandy loam and chalk soils, and prefers high fertility.


This is a arching plant and has a clump forming growth form, and has an ultimate height of 0.4m / 1.3ft and spread of 0.5m / 1.6ft. It can take 4-5 years to reach its ultimate height.


It has cream leaves. They are acicular in shape.


Architectural, attractive foliage, borders, city courtyard garden, container plant, low maintenance and prairie planting.


Propagation techniques include division and seed.

-17°C / 1.4F 5 to 8 4-5 years 0.4m / 1.3ft 0.5m / 1.6ft
Scientific classifications [Edit]
Genus ? Carex
Specific epithet ? comans
Cultivar ?Bronco
Common names
New Zealand Hair Sedge 'Bronco' (Ireland), Sedge 'Bronco' (Ireland)
IPNI details on Carex comans 'Bronco'
References [edit] ?

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  • A shrub is a perennial woody plant usually less than 6m(20ft) tall and has many similar sized stems growing from the base.
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