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African spear plant

The African spear plant (Sansevieria cylindrica)

is a tender perennial evergreen succulent with cream flowers in early Summer, late Spring and mid Summer. It grows well in direct sun and semi-shade, and prefers low levels of water. The flowers are tubular shaped. It has high drought tolerance. This succulent has all year round interest.


Sansevieria cylindrica grows in soils ranging from a pH of 6 (acidic ranges from 5.6 to 6) to 8 (slightly alkaline ranges from 7.6 to 8).


This is a erect plant and has a clump forming growth form, and has an ultimate height of 0.9m / 3ft and spread of 0.9m / 3ft.


It has green/white variegation leaves.


The plant prefers a sheltered situation.


Attractive foliage, conservatory, container plant, drought resistant, houseplant and low maintenance.


The green stems have a smooth texture.


Propagation techniques include cuttings, division and rhizomes.



5°C / 41F 6 to 8 0.9m / 3ft 0.9m / 3ft
Scientific classifications [Edit]
Genus ? Sansevieria
Specific epithet ? cylindrica
Synonyms (other names) [Edit]
  • Sansevieria angolensis
  • Cordyline cylindrica
  • Sansevieria livingstoniae
Common names
Cylindrical spear plant (Ireland), African spear plant (Ireland)
IPNI details on Sansevieria cylindrica
References [edit] ?

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